Airsoft Paintballer | #Airsoft #shorts #reaction


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Airsoft Digest is a news publication focusing on Airsoft cutlure, social media, influencers, and general news.

One of our ultimate focuses is on building the sport and the influencers that promote the sport.

Airsoft guns. #airsoft #airsoftgun #airsoftclips

*This channel only has airsoft TOY replicas which are NEVER sold to our subscribers. The replica toys used in this video are NOT real and cannot be manipulated or changed to be real.

Airsoft Digest is an Airsoft Youtube channel dedicated to promoting the safe, fun and unique game of airsoft. Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock battles with replicas and use military type tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round airsoft BBs made of hard plastic. airsoft is awesome! airsoft, Airsoft, airsoft pistol, airsoft unboxing, airsoft best, airsoft gameplay, airsoft pistol, airsoft hi capa, hi capa, airsoft m4, airsoft pistol, airsoft upgrades, airsoft sniper, custom airsoft, best airsoft, best airsoft, airsoft beginner, airsoft unboxing, airsoft mystery box, airsoft unboxing and review, airsoft gameplay. Airsoft, airsoft, airsoft mystery, mystery airsoft. airsoft mystery box, mystery box airsoft, unboxing airsoft, mystery box airsoft unboxing. airsoft pistol, Best airsoft M4, EMG Helios Umbrella, airsoft red dot airsoft. airsoft scope, best aeg beginner, airsoft unboxing, amped airsoft, evike box of awesomeness. huge win mystery box, Airsoft, Airsoft mysterybox, mysterybox airsoft