Full auto Staccato realistic airsoft toy TM Tokyo Marui hicapa | Projekt Polska | #shorts


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All things pictured in this video are toys.

Airsoft toy short

Projekt Polska hicapa airsoft toy with a full auto knuckles custom blowback unit from knuckles gsm. Parts used in this build are from airsoft masterpiece, gunsmith bros, nova, guarder, edge, maple leaf, pdi, and many other popular custom parts airsoft companies. This is my Projekt Polska build which is inspired by the Polish flag. Full auto hicapa.

I go by Wyhaq here on youtube and on social media platforms. Pronounce my callsign however you like, but I pronounce it as: Why-Hack. I like providing educational resources for all things airsoft, and I might sprinkle in some airsoft entertainment from time to time. The main airsoft toys that this channel will focus on will include the AAP-01 by Action Army (my current favorite platform), the G-Series by Tokyo Marui, and the Hi-Capa by Tokyo Marui. I work for a local airsoft arena and retail, and am a tech for g-series, hicapa, and aap-01. No toys used in my videos are customer’s property. Toys used in my videos come from three sources: my collection, shop customs, and shop commissions. My goal here on youtube is to provide a family friendly source of education for the airsoft community. I may do videos on product, news, tech stuff, gameplay, interviews, tours, and competition. I am here to help, if you have any questions or video requests, make sure to let me know in the comments section. As I am a college student, I can’t go spending money willy nilly. Video requests on stuff I don’t have ready access to may take some time.