How to tune the trigger on a Airsoft gun. #airsoft #howto #battalionairsoftarena #airtaccustoms


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Tuning the trigger is very important when you only get a split second to hit a opponent in a game sometimes. This is a simple yet very effective way to get great trigger response out of your new HPA build. AEG tuning is close to the same but done with the Gate titan app to get the trigger response to its best I will make a video for Aeg next. Thanks for watching.
Look at that lightweight CRBN upper by Airtac customs my favorite color is blue or black but the red will have to dye for now. Now you know why I used a blue trigger… 😂
#battalionairsoftarena #gatetitan #ggarmament #airtaccustom
#airsoft #polarstar #gatepulsar #lancertactical