The “Doot Toob” Airsoft Amplifier #3dprinting #simpsons #loud #idubbbz


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The “Doot Toob” airsoft amplifier is for sale. Airsoft replica not included. Can make shorter or longer 😉. 3d printed with PLA.

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So this channel has its first sponsor EVER, BlueMag Airsoft. They are a BB company local to south-eastern PA with pretty good deal and FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48. They have everything from .2’a to .45’s regular bio bbs, .2 to .32 tracers, and are soon coming out with non-bio bbs for indoor use only. If you need a resupply, go to their website! BlueMag Airsoft:

I would like to mention another sponsor of mine, Jackal Tactical. Great bunch of guys run the joint and they are very helpful for launching someone into the sport or equipping the most seasoned of players. Stop by their store at Ambush or 729 Walnut Street in Lebanon, PA. You can check out their Facebook page down below to keep up to date on what’s happening at the shop. Jackal Tactical Facebook:

Logo created by LuxlatorArts. you can find her work at (If the website is broken, you can find her at Ballahack sometimes)


Other World Milsim Facebook page:

Fields I have gone to:
Ambush Adventure Park (Ambush Airsoft and Paintball) (2013- ):
Erie Indoor Airsoft (2013): Closed
Poco Loco Paintball (2018- ):
Phoenix Airsoft (2018): Closed
OXCC (2020-):
The Battlegrounds (Pittsburgh)(2020- ):
OXLP (2021- ):
Ballahack Airsoft (2021- ):
Know-It-All-Paintball (2022- ):
Skirmish Paintball and Airsoft (2022- ):
EMR Event Park (2022- ):
Gear List:
Action Army AAP-01 Carbine with Primary Arms MP5 adapter (w/ BlueMag .32g bbs)
Action Army AAP-01 (w/ BlueMag .32bbs)
6mmProShop Bump Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (Tan)
Gopro Session 4
Vahallah “SUMMER” Mesh
Valken Sierra goggles w/ clear lenses
Exfog fan system
Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee Pads
Cytac universal holster
Blackhawk battle belt
CQR Pants (MultiCam)
Custom Ghillie suit top and helmet cover (based on Vegitato)