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第三批(Block 23/05)打起來像這樣,初速100 上下,天冷不再烙賽。您的第二批也可以升級成這樣,有需要請私粉專。

更新項目(2023/05; 槍號NGS072310001開始;Block 23/05)
1. 增加槍機移動行程,降低循環射速。提供更好的後座力體感與氣體使用效率。
2. 重新定位槍膛與推彈嘴的相對位置,提高氣體使用效率。
3. 加大推彈嘴固定座O環,減少漏氣。
4. 設計新式流道,穩定初速與提高氣體使用效率

第一批(2022/08; 槍號NGS072210001開始;Block22/08)
1. 本體更新切氣片(第二批更新內容)
2. 彈匣更新頂彈桿與含彈唇(第二批更新內容)
3. 彈匣底板更新鎖固式(達到第二批彈匣同樣效果)
4. 更新推彈嘴(第三批更新內容)
5. 更新短橡膠限位塊(可選擇)
備註: 如先前已更新1、2、3項則不需再更新

第二批(2023/01; 槍號NGS072220001開始;Block 23/01)
1. 更新推彈嘴(第三批更新內容)
2. 更新槍管墊片
3. 更新短橡膠限位塊(可選擇)

The 3rd batch (Block 23/05) performs like this, with a muzzle velocity of around 100 m/s, and works good in cold weather. Your 2nd batch can also be upgraded like this. If interested, please contact our official fan page.

Update details (May 2023; starting from gun serial number NGS072310001; Block 23/05):
1. Increased bolt travel distance to reduce ROF, providing better recoil kicking and gas efficiency.
2. Repositioned barrel and nozzle for improved gas efficiency.
3. Enlarged O-rings on nozzle holder to reduce gas leakage.
4. Designed new gas channel for stable muzzle velocity and enhanced gas efficiency.

How to upgrade from the previous versions:

1st batch (August 2022; starting from gun serial number NGS072210001; Block 22/08):
1. Receiver update with second batch cut-off valve (same as second batch update).
2. Magazine update with top follower and follower lip (same as second batch update).
3. Magazine baseplate update to lock-type (it works the same as second batch magazines).
4. Updated nozzle (third batch update).
5. Updated short rubber limiting block (optional).
Note: If items 1, 2, and 3 have already been updated previously, there is no need to update them again.

2nd batch (January 2023; starting from gun serial number NGS072220001; Block 23/01):
1. Updated nozzle (third batch update).
2. Updated barrel shim.
3. Updated short rubber limiting block (optional).

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