Hidden Sniper Through The Brush Airsoft Sniper #SHORTS


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I call this airsoft sniper short hidden sniper through the brush for obvious reasons, let me know what you think!

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Some of my gear:
** JG Bar 10:
**Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA for JG Bar 10
* Wolverine Airsoft Storm Regulator
** CZ75 P-07 C02 Blowback Pistol
** Runcam Scope Cam 2 4k Airsoft Zoom Camera

If you’re not familiar with Airsoft, here’s a brief overview:
In this popular competitive team shooting sport, players eliminate their opponents by tagging them out with round plastic projectiles that are shot with air guns known as Airsoft guns.
In a way, Airsoft is similar to paintball, but the Airsoft projectiles don’t leave any visible markings on the target, so the hits aren’t always obvious or noticeable.
However, the Airsoft projectiles, or ‘pellets’, can cause bruises on the skin, so wearing protective gear is common and highly recommended.
In Airsoft, the honor system is usually a major factor of gameplay, meaning that when a player is hit with a pellet, they have a moral or ethical obligation to call themselves out, which is typically done simply by shouting ‘Hit!’ Airsoft gameplay can be casual or structured in a highly organized game with missions and objectives.
Here in NoUt we have organized games every other weekend. Some of the gamplay is free and sometimes there is a fee charged. For casual free games, one airsoft player is appointed the “host.”
It is the Hosts responsibiliby to organize the individual games played throughout the day by selecting teams and letting airsoft player know the rules.If you enjoyed this video featuring the Wolverine Bolt Sniper Rifle, please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.

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