Airsoft Player Gets Sight Shot Out – Clip 767 #shorts


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This is clip 767 made to promote the airsoft online channel we are planning on releasing content for eventually, please subscribe to the Airsoft Online Channel it is listed below.

Main Channel – Airsoft Online

Airsoft online Clips is the place to catch up airsoft content from our main channel Airsoft Online that does not make it into some of the videos that will be posted there. Over at Airsoft Online we (will) have content including Airsoft Gas blowback airsoft war content with milsim, maybe some unboxing, reviews, custom hi capa, upgrades for airsoft guns. This Airsoft channel does not have any content from Evike Novritsch Jet Desert Fox Silo Entertainment USAirsoft Airsoft Alfonse is an gaf backwards wag entertainment Kicking Mustang and Storm. All of our airsoft content is being made from 2022 onwards. This airsoft clips channel does indeed have airsoft wars, airsoft fights, airsoft battles, airsoft gun, airsoft pistols, snipers, gameplay, airsoft rage, airsoft battle royale, and airsoft cheater, the typical stuff that gets used as hashtags for airsoft videos. Thank you to Minnesota Airsoft for inspiring this lengthy message, hope I changed it enough for it not to be considered outright plagiarism.